The Grandparents In The Picture

A FREEBIE digital download

Vintage photos are always a good thing to have in your supplies stash, right?

Well, here is a page full of the most beautiful ones. I took these from the Rijksstudio, the digital site of the Rijksmuseum. They offer these images for free, how lovely is that? 

So now I’m offering you this page with a selection of photos for free too. 

You download a PDF file in my store, after your purchase, that you can print yourself. Print as many copies as you like. Use them in personal projects, or physical items to sell. A full TOU – Terms of Use is included in the PDF. ❣️ Just a little tip: you have to type in the “0” (zero) in the price box if you want to get the printable.

I hope you like this page just as much as I do. So, what are you waiting for? Go click the link, put it in your shopping cart, download & print!

Love, Maureen

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