With A Little Stripe…


Everything Looks Better

Whenever I’m asked to write a short note about myself, I come up with that same line: I love all things with black&white stripes… 😊 Now, a few weeks ago I started thinking about a new digital journaling kit for my shop. It hit me that I hadn’t used any stripes in my designs yet. High time to change that!

So here it is: my latest Printable Journaling Kit. A bundle with 12 gorgeous pages – if I may say so – 4 of them full size stripy pages.

It takes me a minute or so to really fall in love with the bundle right after I finish it. I usually put the whole file aside for a day or two. When I bring up a picture of the bundle and it produces a smile on my face, well, then I know that I’m done. The kit is ready to be shared with all of you.

The picture above with the contents of the printable gave me a huge smile, so I kinda think it’s a real succes. For me. Now I’m hoping you are going to like it just as much. Or even more, if that is possible…

A few days ago I did a small test-collage with the stripy page:

So, if you like the look of this I suggest you go to the shop right away to get yourself the new kit.

It will be $ 0 from today through to sunday July 19th! After that the price goes to $ 3.50

As always you’re free to pay-as-you-like, so if you wish to contribute more than zero dollars, just type in the amount you wish to pay. If not, typ in the 0 -zero- or you won’t be able to download the kit.



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