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I’m so excited to take you along as we create this simple but beautiful page for your journal. Why? Well, I don’t know about you but personally I love to add sentiments to my pages in my journals. They are very easy to make yourself. And I promise, it is simple to do, even if you are not a computer wizzard 😊

We will be using which is free online software. It can best be used on a computer or a laptop, but I know it can also be used on a tablet. I’m using nothing but the text tool. Come and join me?

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the YouTube video with the tutorial.

So let’s jump right in. In this tutorial I use to make a simple sheet of words to use as sentiments. If you haven’t already I would suggest to register, so you can easily access your design later on. Once you are logged in you are in the home screen. At the top right of your screen there is a button that says: Create design

Create a design – make it A4 or US Letter size

Now, I want to keep it really simple so i’m going to search for an A4 document. Use the search box and type ‘A4’. If you are in the us and you are using letter size you type in ‘letter’. That will give you the option of US letter document of 8.5 x 11 inch. Choose which one you prefer by clicking on it.

Use the search box to find the right size for your design

A new tab will open on screen and you will start with a totally blank page. Now what you of course need is a sort of a list of the words or short phrases that you want to use in your journal. I searched on Pinterest. On my board ‘Beautiful words’ I collect quotes, where I also found a great list of short phrases. To start with I will take these three:

  • Be true to you
  • Focus on the good
  • Live in the moment

On the left side of the screen you find the TEXT TOOL in the black menu.

Find the Text tool at the left of the screen in the black menu

A submenu folds out, where you choose ADD A HEADING. I go with the top one, the largest. It doesn’t matter, we will change the size and style later on.

Choose any of these, I go with the top one.

Canva now puts exactly that right in the centre of your page:

There is your text, now change it to ‘Be true to you’

You can now start to type your first phrase, or place your cursor somewhere in that line and delete the text, to start typing your own words. Type ‘Be true to you‘.

Then of course we want to change the font style. You will do that by clicking at the top of the screen where it says ‘Open Sans…’ A search box and a long list of fonts appears. Type in ’typewriter’ in the search box. A list of suggested fonts will appear.

Change the style of your text into a typewriter font.

You can simply click on any of the fonts to see what it looks like. Your text automatically changes. Scroll down to see all of the suggestions. Fonts that have a yellow crown-symbol are paid for option. Just go with one of the free ones. I like the ‘Special Elite‘ so I chose that one.

Now the next thing you want to change is the size of your words because this is pretty big. As you can tell this is almost the full width of your page and I can imagine that you don’t want to have a word that is that big. We will do this by simply resizing the text box. Click and drag by taking any of the white circles on the edges of the box.

Use the white circle handles – click & drag to resize

Drag to a size you think looks okay. While you click & drag a small black box appears to the right which tells you how wide and how high it is. If you have an A4 document it is shown in centimeters. The Letter document will give you inches. So if you need a phrase that is about 6 centimeters keep an eye on that measurement.

The measurement of your text block in cm or inch

If you are not sure of the size your text needs to be, you can also change the font size, next to the font type. In my example I chose 21. That is a relatively large font size. If you want it small, like a printed document, go for 12 or even 10. Just play around, maybe do a test print.

Change the font size

and basically now you are done 😊

I do want to show you one last thing, changing the color of your text. Instead of black you can make it a different color. Look for the ‘A’ with a black line underneath at the top of your screen. Next to the font type and font size. There is a whole list of default colors.

Change the color of your text

If you don’t like the colors you see, click on the ‘New color’ button and there you find all the colors of the rainbow! Click & drag the filled white circle at the bottom to find the color. Change the shade? Click & drag the white outlined circle.

Choose any color you like

To see what it all looks like simply click anywhere outside the menu, in the light grey area of your screen.

Ready! Repeat the steps to make a whole list…

You can now repeat all of these steps to make your sheet of sentiments complete. But for that you need to know how to duplicate text blocks.

There’s a neat trick in Canva. I want to have everything the same as the first text block we made. So font type, size and color will be all the same. Make sure you have your text block selected. You can do that by just clicking on it. As long as the blue box is around your text you are good.

Now go to the very right of your screen, find the icon with the + sign in the rectangle. Hover over it, it will say ‘duplicate’. That’s what you’re going to click.

Click the duplicate icon

If you don’t see the icon, you don’t have any text block selected.

Now you can take the anchor point at the bottom with the arrows to click & drag the text block into position. While you drag, you see a guideline so that you can have it nicely lined up underneath.

Click & drag the ‘move’ icon
Guidelines help you position nicely aligned text

Then you can change the text. Select the whole text, press delete or backspace and then type in the new text for example: ‘Focus on the good’.

So now you can go and repeat the steps.
  • Duplicate your text block
  • Click & drag to position it
  • Select & change the text

Until you have all the sentiments you need, or your page is full 🙂

Final step: download the page to print it

Now you want to download your beautiful page. Go to the three dots at the upper right of your screen. Click and find the ‘download’ icon. Click on that too.

Find the ‘download icon’

Forget about all the other options. They’re very useful but for now we’re going to keep it real simple. Click on download and then here because it’s an A4  document Canva is suggesting you that you download it as a PDF.

PDF download or click the arrow for more options

It might be the right thing for you, but I prefer to have a JPG. So click on this little down arrow to the right for more options.

Click to select JPg

Choose the JPG from the fold out menu. Click to select JPG. Now go ahead and click the ‘Download’ button.

You are ready to download!

A little screen will pop up that says ‘Preparing your design’. Choose the location you want to save it to.

You are ready to print your page with sentiments!

Once the file has downloaded you can open it up in your prefered way, to then print it. Want to give it a vintage, or even slightly grungy feel? Put coffee or tea dyed paper in your printer!

That is all there is to tell. It may seem like a whole lot of work, but I promise you, it is super easy & quick. Just go and give it a try.

If you prefer to watch & listen to the tutorial, here is the YouTube video! 😊

Was that helpful? I really hope so. I’d love to hear from you.

Love, Maureen

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