A splash of green?


I was looking to create a planner bundle for January with a touch of spring in it. A bit of green, some flowers. Yet not too bright, after all, we are still in winter time right?

So, on top of a grungy background – that I digitally painted
myself – are gorgeous vintage drawings of herbs. I love the
result. It has that soft and calm feel that I always try to create.
There are the beautiful vintage drawings. The greyish
greens suit that wish of a touch of spring perfectly.

When I looked for the quote to introduce the month I came across this one, by John Muir quote “Allow nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into the trees”. That is a beautiful quote, don’t you think?

Forgive me if it may sound confusing, but I like to give you the option to pick the papers that suits your needs best. When I make my planner papers I always make ‘blank’ papers too. For those of you who don’t need a planner. Who want to collage, journal or do whatever paper craft you are into.

The choice is yours

That means you can choose your bundle. It is actually more simple than it might seem 😄 You take the journal papers, they are ‘blank’. Or you take the planner papers. But… I make dated and undated planner papers, so there is a choice too.

Can I just have them all?

But of course you can! The one of the DeLuxe bundles is the best choice for you. Let me tell you about them all:

🌿The Journal Papers

The journal papers are a small bundle of gorgeousness. The papers are suitable as is in any double spread in a journal. Other than that your imagination is the limit, they are so versatile. Think collages, making tags, envelopes … you name it. You get 6 papers in this bundle.

🦋The planner papers for January 2021

A bundle all ready to go for January 2021. Dated weekly pages and a monthly overview. A page with the beautiful quote and ephemera rounds it all of. You get 7 papers in this bundle

🦋🌱The planner papers for any month

It’s exactly the same planner bundle, only the papers are undated, so you can use them for any month you want. They do have the words for every day on them. You get 7 papers in this bundle.

The DeLuxe Papers

So you want all of the papers in the bundles? That can be arranged 😄 Take your pick.

🌿🦋The DeLuxe bundle dated

Where you have all the papers🌿🦋 with a dated planner for January 2021.

🌿🦋🌱The DeLuxe bundle undated

Where you have all the papers with an undated planner 🌿🦋🌱

What else can I make with the planner papers?

These weekly papers do not necessarily have to be a planner though. I’ve used them as a small gratitude journal. With the whole week layed out already you can easily write down your daily gratitude in them.

How to use the papers?

A planner can be made with the papers as they are. Consider printing them double sided with a simple decorated paper on the reverse side. Or print on coffee or tea stained papers. Then you only need to fold and make a monthly planner journal.

If you cut them you can also glue them in an altered book. Or use a store bought standard size notebook to glue the pages on. The possibilities are endless and again, your imagination is the limit.

Looking for some inspiration or tutorials?

Here’s a little summary of the bundle variations

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