That funny process of creativity

Every once in a while I see photos on Unsplash that I immedeately resonate with. That call me to create papers with them. This was the case when I came across a series of photos by Annie Spratt.

These photos speak to me. The leaves all pressed to the glass of the greenhouse. The misty, grungy colors.

So I downloaded a few and started to create. This is an intuitive process where I try out lots of things. I overlay the photo with paper, with a solid color, with another texture, or I even overlay them with each other.

In this case I got an almost instant feeling of: “Yes, this is going somewhere!” when I used a grungy vintage paper to sort of let the photos meld into.

It is not always that it happens that way. Sometimes it takes some time. I will play around with an image, papers of photos and just don’t really like what it becomes. But if there is a little spark there, I will not throw them away. I simply put them in a folder “to use later”.

It can be weeks later of even months but then I’ll browse through that folder to see whats in there. More often than not I find myself smiling, grabbing one of the old creations to mix it with a new item that I just bought or downloaded.

That is the beauty of creativity

I cannot be dictated. I cannot be rushed. You have to be willing to listen to that inner whisper. To a sense of sparkle that begings to tingle when you are coming into a flow where you are able to create things that bring you joy.

Oh yes, because that is something I’ve had to learn over the years.

It is always ME that should be front and centre in my creations. Even if it is something as ‘simple’ as digital journaling papers.


Well, if I don’t like what I create, how can I expect it to resonate with anyone else?

I need to go: “Yes, I want to print it. I know how I can use it. I can’t wait to get my scissors, my glue and my journal.” Because, chances are then there will be people out there that have the same resonance with the papers.

“Can’t you create with someone specific in mind?” you may ask.

I can. I sometimes do. But they are not the papers I like the most. They sort of fall short. I used to think I could create ‘for certain journalers’. For people with ‘a certain style’. They are very often also the papers that are least loved in the store. People don’t buy or download them as much.

So, as 2020 progressed I really focused on creating what I want to use. And sometimes that results in papers that might be a bit left of centre so to speak 😊.

With all of that being said, I proudly present: “The Grungy Greenhouse Papers”

I’m really curious to hear what you think of these. Does your creative heart go: “Oh yes! I know what to do with these?” I really hope so. But if not, that is all just fine. Let’s all be ourselves. Be different. And create whatever makes our heart sing.

If you do love them, if you do create something gorgeous with the papers, if you post it on IG, will you tag me? I’d love to come over and see your beautiful creations.



PS Here is the beautiful work of Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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