You can create this! Digital Vintage Paper

Let’s make a beautiful digital vintage paper background

Are you looking for a quick way to make a digital background for your journal? One that is made with free software & free elements? Well, than this tutorial is just for you 😊

If you are anything like me, you love to use vintage papers in your journal pages, right? There is something about them that makes you feel happy. Well, they do that for me 😄

Sometimes I just need one simple sheet of paper that I can print to use in my journal. And:

  • I don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for a paper online.
  • I don’t want to spend any money on a digital.
  • I just want a sheet of vintage paper.

Sounds familiar? Keep reading… we will create that gorgeous piece of paper that you see at the top of this page. Okay, let’s start.

Step 1: go to

The first step is to go to If you haven’t already, register so you have an account where you can save your designs. Don’t worry, it is free and all the elements you use are free too.

Step 2: create a new design

You want to create a new design. Basically, it means you choose what size you want your paper to be. In my case I start with an A4 document, but you can of course also choose a US Letter document.

I’ll show you how to do both.

First you click the ‘Create a design‘ button. The button is located at the very right top of your screen.

Option A: Search the A4 document

Place your cursor in the search box. Type in: A4 and then click on the suggestion that appears to select the A4 document.

Option B: Search the US Letter Document

If you need a US Letter Document, type US and click that suggestion to select it.

Insert a photo of the vintage paper

After you clicked on the paper size you want to use, Canva opens up a new window with a crispy white page. This is where we will insert a beautiful vintage paper. To do that, we need to go to the ‘Photos‘ section. You find that at the left of your screen, in the black menu.

In order to find the right photo, I searched for ‘Old paper texture‘. Use the search box to type it, then press enter to search.

Now Canva shows you all of the photos that they have in their library. They are gorgeous, right? There is only one problem though… if you hover your mouse over any of the first papers, you’ll see that it is marked as ‘Pro’. This means that if you want to use it, you need to pay. Don’t worry, this is fixed easily.

Apply 2 filters to have free, vertical elements only

I promised you that I’d show you how to make it without spending any money, so let me tell you how to fix this problem very quickly: we use the Filter option.

The filter button is located to the right of the search box. Click the icon to open the fold out menu. Under ‘Availability‘ we check the ‘Free‘ box. Now while we are here, we will also check the ‘Vertical‘ box under ‘Orientation‘ so we get papers that are upright. That way you don’t have to rotate.

Now let’s see what Canva has to offer with those filters applied. Click ‘Apply filters‘. Well, there is a lot of beauty in the Canva library 😄. Just scroll down to see what you like. I chose this paper.

Remember, the papers you see may vary because the Canva library changes regularly.

Click to place the paper in your design

You are now ready to place the paper on your page. Simply click on the photo that you like best. Canva now places that photo in the centre of your design.

You are almost ready! We need to resize the paper and then download the page.

Resize it to fit the page

You can resize your photo by click-and-drag on either of the white icons at the corners of your photo. There is another, quicker option though: right click on the photo. Then choose ‘Set image as background‘. Canva resizes it so it fits perfectly to your page.

You are ready!

That was quick & easy, right? You are done. All that is left to do is to download the page so you can print it.

Download your page

To download you go to the icon with the three black dots at the very right top of your screen. Choose ‘Download’.

Don’t click ‘Print letterhead’ because that will take you to a service where you pay to have it printed for you.

Decide whether you want a PDF or a JPG file. The PDF is the standard option Canva offers.

If you want a JPG, click on the little down arrow. It is at the right of the PDF box. Select ‘JPG’ from the fold out menu.

Click the ‘Download’ button. Then you can save the file on your device.

That is all there is to it

Now you want to use this gorgeous paper, right? Well, look up the file you just saved. Print it like you would normally do and then have fun using it in your journal or paper craft 😄

Thank you so much for joining me today. I really hope this gives you the confidence to create a page like this. Let me know in the comments below?

Bye for now. See you soon, here on my blog or come on over to Instagram @maureenastrid where I share my projects.

Love 😘 Maureen

PS Do you want to use the exact same paper?

If you want to use the exact same paper, search “old parchment paper Niedec“. It should then appear as one of the first options.

If you know how to import a file into Canva, you can search this paper on Pixabay.


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