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Visual Writing Prompt #001

I personally love visual prompts for my every day writing. They spark my imagination quickly. Today, take this photo and let your mind wander off.

Photo from Unsplash by Jared Rice

Need a little extra nudge?

  • who is the person in the hammock?
  • why is she there?
  • is there anybody with her?

How to do this?

  • just carve out like 15 minutes
  • take the first thing that springs to mind
  • grab a (digital) pen & paper and: GO! write

Give yourself permission to:

  • write without editing
  • write whatever you want – prose, poem, dialogue …
  • have fun while making up the story that goes with this photo

Go on… I’m sure there is a story emerging, just write it down 😊🖋📘

Photo from Unsplash by Jared Rice

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