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Daily Writing Spark #003 – The keys

I personally love visual prompts for my every day writing. They spark my imagination quickly. Today, take this photo and let your mind wander off.

Photo with keys from Pexels by Ylanite Koppens

“I found the keys, hidden behind a stack of books in the old oak bookcase of my grandmother.”

That’s what popped up in my mind after I looked at this photo for a while. What about you? What story emerges?

How to use this prompt? Well, in any way you wish, of course. My suggestion?

Take the photo and let your mind wander off. Incorporate it in the project you’re already working on, or use it as a way to jump start your creative day. To get the creative energy flowing 😊

Any rules? Nope.

  • just carve out like 15 minutes
  • take the first thing that springs to mind
  • grab a (digital) pen & paper and: GO! write

Give yourself permission to:

  • write without editing
  • write whatever you want – prose, poem, dialogue …
  • have fun while making up the story that goes with the photo

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UPDATE: This writing spark evolved into a complete story, written in colaboration with a fellow writer on Tumblr. My Tumblr account is closed, but I’ve transferred the story to my blog. Read the first chapter here

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