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The keys in the bookcase

An unfolding story where MaureenAstrid and Writerdragon4 take turns in writing a story

A while ago I posted this Visual Writing Prompt on Tumblr. Along with the photo I wrote:

“I found the keys, hidden behind a stack of books in the old oak bookcase of my grandmother.”

Little did I know that this would actually turn into a story for someone. I mean, of course I hope that it will spark a story for someone, but … well let’s say I’m somewhat insecure when it comes to my abilities of actually inspiring other writers.

Then the message came in my inbox that someone had reblogged my post … Writerdragon4 had started a story! I was so excited. And the story is a good one too. When I finished reading her chapter, I wanted to know what came next. So, I picked up her thread and continued. After that we messaged each other to see what we could do. There is still more to be told, why not see where it leads us? We agreed that we will continue to take turns in writing the story.

Now, let’s go to that first chapter. Oh, and if you don’t want to miss any new posts, or the next chapters of this story, you can subscribe to my blog 👇🏻📩

Chapter 1: Where a group of 4 find an old oak box and search for the keys