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The blueprint of the labyrinth

Why I now catch the fluff flowers with story seeds on them, while I used to let them float past me

Little stories are always floating around in my head. Sometimes they grow into a bigger, longer story. Very often they remain short fragments, a glimpse of a story. I used to find that annoying, and I actually rejected all those short fragments. Because: “I don’t have enough time to work out all those fragments I receive into that big(r) story that beckons me behind it” was my thought.

Some time ago, let’s say in the late fall of 2022, something started to change. I felt the deep-rooted desire to catch those glimpses. I felt how I wanted to do something with those little glimpses, could do something. Listening to my intuition, I gradually understood that it is my desire to share that inspiration. To let you share in those glimpses, so that maybe just today, on that one day when you’re a bit stuck in your own writing routine, you get a little push so that you get inspired (again).

Ik weet uit ervaring hoe lastig het kan zijn om eigenlijk elke dag te gaan zitten en iets te schrijven. Want iedereen die op wat voor manier dan ook creatief bezig is weet dat je dat het beste kunt doen. Hoe klein het ook is, hoe kort je ook maar de tijd hebt, als je elke dag aandacht geeft aan jouw creativiteit bloeit het meer en meer op. Ik schreef er eerder hoe ik foto’s gebruik als Schrijfsprankjes. Die glimpjes van verhalen, ik zie het als de pluisbloemen die door de lucht zweven. Zo zie ik het nu. Ik realiseer me dat ik ze natuurlijk langs me heen kan laten zweven, zoals ik altijd deed. Dat ik er dan ook van kan genieten hoe mooi ze zijn. Maar, mijn hart vertelt me dat ik ze ook voorzichtig uit de lucht kan scheppen, ze in de palm van mijn hand op kan vangen. Dan kan ik van heel dichtbij genieten van de schoonheid. Dan kan ik mijn creatieve hart ermee laten voeden. En dat voelt heel erg prettig kan ik je zeggen.

I know from experience how difficult it can be to actually sit down and write something every day. Because anyone who is creative in any way knows that that is the best thing to do. No matter how small it is, no matter how short you have the time, if you pay attention to your creativity every day, it will flourish more and more. I previously wrote about how I use photos as Writing Sparkles. Those glimpses of stories, I see them as the fluffy flowers that float through the air. That’s how I see it now. I realize that I can let them float past me naturally, as I always did. That I can also enjoy how beautiful they are. But, my heart tells me that I can also carefully scoop them out of the air, catch them in the palm of my hand. Then I can enjoy the beauty up close. Then I can feed my creative heart with it. And that feels very nice, I can tell you that.

A Dixit card as inspiration for a story. So much fun to do, as a finger exercise for the day. I wrote a little more about it on my blog – a link is in my bio 👆🏻🔗 The conversation between these four people? This is what it looks like in my fantasy 😊
“If we understood the blueprint, could we make this scroll?” asks Iris.
“Yes, but what will it do to us? Are we sure we want to enter this labyrinth?” Leo asks.
“It was my vision,” says Opal. “I will lead the way, protect you.”
“We already have the platinum protective sleeve,” adds Iris, holding up the sleeve. “And you seem to have the right papyrus sheets, Leo.” She looks at him inquiringly.
“That’s right,” Leo nods. It remains silent for a moment.
“I can draw the labyrinth.” Edward’s voice sounds more confident than it usually is. “It shimmers when I think about it. Opal’s sketches are already a good guide.”
“That’s agreed then,” says Opal firmly. “Tomorrow we start.”
😊 And you? What would that look like in your fantasy?

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