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The woman in the starry sky

-a writing spark gives you inspiration-

I first saw her in a dream. Floating in a jetblack night. Her blowing hair billows on an invisible wind. She seems to be dancing, her dress swirling around her.
Somewhere behind her is light.
She appears in the dead of night for days on end. Nothing seems to change. When I reach out my hand to her, she seems to be looking at me, but I wake up immediately.
Then she disappears. As suddenly as she came.

The story continues below the image

The first night I didn’t even notice. Only after three days do I realize that I miss her. What did she want to tell me? Before I go to sleep I concentrate on the image I’ve seen all those times.

“Come back?” I beg her.

Without success. A week passes. I am slowly losing hope of ever seeing her again.

“I hope you are well,” I whisper one last time. I have lit a candle and am staring into the flame. Something flickers. I blink.

“Can  it be…?”

Another flicker. An image appears. A galaxy revolves in an inky black sky. Millions of stars, nebulae in rainbow colors. With open mouth I admire the spectacle. This is the light behind the woman in my dreams.

“Are you there too?” I ask softly. The image begins to fade.

“Paint me.” The voice is like the caress of a gust of wind past my ears.

And I do. For days I lock myself in my studio. Until she’s there. Shining like pure golden sunlight, with sparkles from the stars behind her. The iridescent mists surround her, shielding her from the inky sky.

“Hello,” I say. “Welcome home.” It remains silent for a moment.

“Thank you,” the same whisper caresses my ear and warms my heart.

A Writing Spark

So? What does the story do to you? And that gorgeous illustration? Dit something pop up in your mind?

If so, go grab your pen and paper to catch those words, the emotion, the images that you just heard and saw 😊 , before they slip away.

I wrote this story as a warm-up exercise. I like to do that in the morning before I start my other writing project. It helps me to get going. Moreover, it is wonderful to be able to write freely for a while. Because, this is the rule for writing with a Write Spark:

  • Grab a pen and paper
  • Set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes
  • Really take the first thing that comes to mind and then
  • Write freely, let the words flow
  • You can’t go back, don’t correct and above all don’t think

When the timer goes off, finish your last sentence and your Write Spark is ready. That’s really how I wrote this story. And yes, my hands are itching to change something, to start planing, but I won’t. Because it’s beautiful like it is. And it doesn’t have to be ‘(more) perfect’… it really doesn’t.

Just give it a try, who knows what it will bring you. You can sometimes get inspiration from it for a scene in your story, or an idea for a blog, or … Just let yourself be surprised. And no one ever has to read it 😉 this is nice for you alone.

Love 😘 and have fun with your writing playtime today!

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