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A Desert Tale – The craftsman and the historian

StoryTelling Journaling Papers

Dear Creative Souls,

I hope this blog finds you brimming with inspiration and creativity, for I have something special to share with you. Allow me to take you on an unforgettable journey to the desert, a place where mirages reveal the truth, and where two fascinating characters, the craftsman and the historian, weave a timeless tale.

Introducing: StoryTelling Journal Papers A Desert Tale of “The Craftsman and the Historian”

🌵 A Unique Story Setting: Inspired by the mythical desert, a place of mystery and magic, these digital papers tell a story as old as time itself. Explore the tale of the craftsman who creates enchanting amulets and the curious historian who delves into their secrets. Together they reveal truths hidden in the desert’s mirages.

📜 Versatile Creativity: This new set of digital papers has been designed with you in mind. Whether you want to write your own story, decorate a junk journal, or find a unique creative expression, these papers are your canvas. Make them yours, and let your creativity soar.

✨ Your Gateway to Fantasy: As a writer and creator, I have always believed in the power of stories and images to inspire us and help us escape the everyday grind. I invite you to embark on this journey with me. Discover the magic, explore the possibilities, create your own world.

I’ve created this collection with much love, passion, and a touch of desert magic. I hope you find as much joy in them as I have had in crafting them. Keep reading to discover more about how you can get your hands on these beautiful papers, and don’t forget to share your own creative adventures with me.

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To celebrate the launch of my new StoryTelling Journal Papers, I’m offering an exclusive 15% discount! Don’t miss out on getting your hands on this creative treasure for just $3.40 instead of $4. Hurry, this special price is only valid from Friday, September 1st until Friday, September 15th 2023!

🏜️What is so special about these papers?🏜️

Curious about what sets this digital paper collection apart? It comes with a captivating tale featuring a master craftsman creating unique amulets, and a historian on a quest for a magical flute. The historian searches for a map of an ancient sea, located at the site of the desert. Imagine them in a remote desert outpost, crafting and searching amid vibrant desert blooms—where mirages reveal the truth. Intrigued? Check the attachment for the opening of this extraordinary story. Oh, did I mention they’re enemies who used to be best friends? What led to this intriguing falling out…? You can set your imagination free and create the whole story just as you see it in your mind’s eye. Or simply print and use the papers to decorate your journal or planner of course 👍🏻😉

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😊I’d love to hear your thoughts

Well, that’s it for now. I would love to hear from you. Your feedback fuels my creativity and helps me make products that you’ll truly enjoy. Please take a moment to let me know what you think about the StoryTelling Papers. And what would you like to see in future collections? Feel free to reply to this email or drop me a DM message on my Instagram @maureenastrid. Your opinion matters to me 🤗🌟

With warm regards and creative joy, Maureen 🌟

PS Don’t forget, the discount lasts only 14 days, so don’t miss out!

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