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Autumnal Wonders Fair in the quaint little town of Windy Brook

A new story is unfolding 😊

One that takes place in autumn, in the small quaint town of Windy Brook, somewhere in the Netherlands. People are preparing for the Autumnal Wonders Fair, that takes place only three days every year. Can you hear the hustle and bustle of people preparing? Feel that special sense of autumn in the air? Think of all the autumn produce, like fruits, nuts and pumpkins. The smell of cinnamon & chocolate at the coffe stand, and freshly baked apple pie. My mouth is already watering 😁 What is your favourite thing at of autumn at the fair?

Creative Inkling Inspiration

Use the prompts to write or to create a page in your journal

You can use the illustrations and my little story as your Creative Inkling Inspiration for today✨️✍️📖 grab your pen & paper – set a timer for 10 minutes & write freely! Do start with that very first thing that came up when you saw this illustration 🤗

📖Or grab your junk journal and make a lovely autumn page. Maybe incorporate your favourite thing about autumn?

Extra inspiration

Either way, writing or creating a page in your journal, here are some questions as a way to get your imagination flowing:

  • what is your favourite smell in autumn?
  • is there a special thing you like to do in autumn?
  • what does this fair look like in your mind?
  • do you have memories of going to a autumn fair?
  • what would you buy at the fair?

Grab the papers at my shop

Hop on over to my Gumroad store to grab these papers, so you can start your Autumn Story today 🍁 They are free, you only need an e-mail address to download them.

Share your autumn story

I’d love to see what you create – share your creations on Instagram or Facebook with #storytellingpapers or tag me, so I can come over to your autumn creation. 😊🍁

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