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Creativity in Times of Overwhelm

Finding Peace through Imagery and Storytelling

🤗💜 The past few days I’ve been feeling the need to retreat from “the world”.

Overwhelmed by all that is going on in my life I sometimes just want to float away, in a dreamy world, where I can just BE. To rest and replenish so I can safely return to this world, feeling stronger and ready to take on whatever is facing me.

Illustrations help me to find the way back to peace of mind

When I feel like that it helps to find illustrations that match my need for peace, for softness, for being alone without feeling lonely. I found these, and the one with the lady on the bench evoked a small story. Writing a piece like that eases my mind. 🥰 Can you relate to that feeling?

A micro story

She just sits. Her breath comes and goes, filling her body with the crispy cool night air. The moonbeams touch her skin, leaving a comfortable tingly sensation. Slowly a sense of peace replaces the tightness in her shoulders. She sighs. “I can do this. It is time to move on,” she whispers. In the distance an owl hoots. A voice softly whispers in her head: “Yes, you can. Just trust in yourself.”

How do you find peace?

💖 I’d love to hear from you – when life feels overwhelming, how do you find peace? What are your little retreats from the world?

A small exercise

🌸 Small Exercise: Take a few minutes to look at the illustrations below. Let your gaze wander from one image to the other, without hurry, without purpose. Let your mind wander as well. If any thoughts, stories, or emotions arise, welcome them. When you are ready, you might want to jot down a few words, sketch something, or simply sit with your feelings for a while. Allow yourself this space to just BE. 🌙

Give yourself time to just BE

As we venture inward, finding peace in small moments of creativity, we remind ourselves that it is okay to take a step back, to just BE and breathe in the comforting embrace of our own imagination. I hope this message and the illustrations give you the opportunity to find a little peace of mind today.
Love 😘 Maureen

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