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The Magic Cup: A Celestial Chamoflora Micro Story

Slowly she walks towards the window. The gnarled wood of the windowsill bathes in the sun rays of the soft morning sun. She longs for the warmth to relax her cold, tired muscles. Carefully she places the feather-light glass on the wood before pouring the 'Celestial Chamoflora' tea into it. A generous spoon of honey slowly melts in the hot water.

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Autumnal Wonders Fair in the quaint little town of Windy Brook

Autumnal Wonders Fair in the quaint little town of Windy Brook - A new story is unfolding. One that takes place in autumn, in the small quaint town of Windy Brook, somewhere in the Netherlands. People are preparing for the Autumnal Wonders Fair, that takes place only three days every year. Can you hear the hustle and bustle of people preparing? Feel that special sense of autumn in the air? Think of all the autumn produce, like fruits, nuts and pumpkins. The smell of cinnamon & chocolate at the coffe stand, and freshly baked apple pie. My mouth is already watering 😁 What is your favourite thing at of autumn at the fair?

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The train that wasn’t supposed to come

A story imagined by using Dixit-cards "Humming softly, Harry Krok stood on platform 1 of the station on the Flowerstreet . All his travel papers were safe in the bright blue backpack on his back. His suitcase was next to him, it was almost too heavy to lift. Yesterday the suitcase was about to explode after he had packed everything, so he had tied a strong leather strap around it. Now nothing could happen to it."

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The Case of the Missing Safecracker

The inspiration for this Story Starter began with a photo I found on Unsplash. After that I turned to my Story Engine Deck cards. As the photo has this kind of gloomy, almost eery quality I got the idea to make this a thriller of some sort. That's why I gravitated towards the "Written in Blood and Alibi" box, which is the Mystery Story Prompts Expansion.

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A Desert Tale – The craftsman and the historian

Allow me to take you on an unforgettable journey to the desert, a place where mirages reveal the truth, and where two fascinating characters, the craftsman and the historian, weave a timeless tale. Introducing: StoryTelling Journal Papers A Desert Tale of "The Craftsman and the Historian"